My Archetype

Original Talisman gemstone crystal jewellery is handcrafted in one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. Designs are inspired by the archetypes and nature and sustainably created by Tri Ana, an Australian Silversmith and Alchemist. As an Usui Reiki Master & Energy Practitioner, Tri Ana charges each special piece with an archetypal energy in the studio.

Are you the Earth Angel, Warrior Women, Goddess, Sage, Mystic or Queen? Working with archetypal energies you can discover new parts of yourself, become more empowered & experience positive growth. Each symbol will have personal meaning and created to travel with you on your path of self-discovery. Custodians say that they are drawn to pieces for their quality, uniqueness & personal connection.

Premium Ethical Fair-trade Gemstones & Recycled Sterling Silver are used in each eco-consciously crafted talisman.

Visit us at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival, see the latest collections and meet the Maker & Energy Practitioner, Tri Ana.

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