Miryana is Psychic Medium, Reiki Master / Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual guide

Miryana Was borne with the gift of psychic ability and has been delivering psychic and mediumship readings, space clearings and healing fore more than 20 years.
She works with energy and spirit to bring you deep insights, guidance and healing and is known for her capacity to hold a loving and safe space during session.
Miryana works with you to determine the direction of your session by focusing on past, current, and future events and insights, to ensure you receive the answer meant for you at this time.

Miryana is joined by Nancy Martin Hernandez Channel Medium.

Psychic Readings with channelling messages from spirit or your loved ones. From he own experiences. Nancy can help you to manifest anew positive life with unconditional love being the focus.
With Loving and Divine Guidance Nancy will help you to connect with your soul and to learn how to open many doors to a more positive and happier life for you and all those around you.
Visit Miryana and Nancy at Mine Body and Spirit Festival at stand B11.

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