Mary's Healings

Mary Hender is a Hands-On Reiki Healer, Colour Therapist and Angel/Spiritual Healer.

Marys Healings will assist you in restoring balance and harmony to your Body’s Energy System. This allow for Healings to occur on all levels-where it is needed - The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Marys Healings promote - Clearing your mind, Relaxation, Body Balance, Physical Ailments, Headaches, Migraines, Daily Stresses, Anxiety, Mental Health Issues, Depression, Fatigue and so much more.

Mary has been Healing for the past 33years. Early Childhood she discovered she was connected with The Spirit World, Angels and The Energy Field.

Mary truly loves assisting and helping people. Within her Heart she feels Gratitude, Respect, Care and Love.

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