Manyi Healing

Manyi Healing offers transformative healing services such as Reiki, System Constellation, Numerology readings, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Tuning Fork therapy, and Crystal Healing. Polly empowers individuals to embrace love and realize their desires. Through Reiki, she restores balance in body, mind, and spirit. System constellation reveals hidden family dynamics for resolution. Numerology readings provide clarity on life paths and challenges. SRT clears subconscious patterns for profound healing. Tuning fork therapy harmonizes energy flow, promoting holistic wellness. Crystal healing harnesses the unique properties of crystals to support healing on all levels. Polly tailors sessions to each client's needs, applying different modalities as required. At Manyi Healing, Polly nurtures self-love and connection, guiding clients toward wholeness and fulfilment. Join Polly on your journey to healing and empowerment.

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