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💪Power Your Spiritual Journey

Mantra meditation + Good food + Meaningful connections = Great community

To bring out your best requires a supportive community that can amplify your strengths. An 85 year Harvard study has found that the no.1 thing that keeps us happier, healthier, and helps us live longer is Positive Relationships.

After running this Bhakti Yoga community for 9 years, we have learnt that the easiest way to bring about change in your life is to surround yourself with people who can trust you and who you can trust.

You can go the distance in life when you are surrounded with people who share the same goals as you and will look after you when there are difficulties, will help you when you're hurt and will pick you up when you fall over.

We strive to build a community where you can embrace your spiritual self, empower your sense of being and bring yourself lasting happiness. So if you are ready to invest in yourself, grow through life (not just go through life) and create your happiness, let’s make it happen.

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