Macia Crystals

Marcia Crystals is a boutique online store that specialises in crystal products! We have a range of different products that include crystal makeup brushes, crystal jewellery, crystal homewares, unique crystals and more. We are incredibly proud and passionate about crystals and the fact that we are eco-friendly, vegan and ethically source our crystals. We have implemented sustainability measures such as biodegradable packaging.

Our mission is pretty simple, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of crystals while weaving them into their everyday lives. At Macia Crystals, we want you to be able to vibe with our crystals while doing even the simplest of things – like opening up that bottle of rose after a tough week!

Macia Crystals are excited to be introducing natural rose quartz makeup brushes for those who want to blend their love of crystals with their love of makeup. Make sure you come to visit us at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival!

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