Lux of Aurora

Experience the bliss, a candle-like you have never felt before. Crystal infused soy & coconut wax scented candles, made in sacred ritual, hand-poured with love. Lux of Aurora’s mantra is the, I AM. Two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shape your reality. I am powerful; I am the master of my own fate; I am my own muse. All products found in this sanctuary are made in ritual with love and light. The process by which these products are lovingly made, encompasses Maja personally tuning in the purest of energies from the powerful Ashati, Alsemia & Reiki techniques. Astrological energy patterns are also thoughtfully considered and utilized in order to maximize the ritualistic nature and intention of all products to provide the highest energy vibrations possible. Together, these healing energies complement one another, to create tranquility, harmony, and balance in the candle & bath products found here at Lux of Aurora.

It is Maja’s desire that these candles will open you up to your own sacred space and assist you to awaken the true self within, restore your faith and rise into the divine light. Allowing you to begin your own journey. We can't wait to be involved at the Melbourne MindBodySpirit Festival be sure to come visit us!

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