Kyoti Design

Jewellery with a story to tell.

From the spiritual significance of moon and the ancient wisdom buried in symbolism, KYOTI jewellery is inspired by an infatuation with the hidden treasures of our history on this earth. Creator Jodee Collett takes these hallowed meanings and blends them with a timeless aesthetic, a fusion of modern design and magical gemstones. The designs are strong, with subtle but very powerful meanings behind them. Intended to make their owner feel beautiful, sexy and free from social constructs. They are meant for the wild, magical and mystical modern woman. Hand crafted and ethically made in small batches, these gorgeous designs are sure to woo you upon first site. You can create your own story by hand selecting your own charms, symbols or gemstones and adding them to hoops or necklaces alike, there is so much to be discovered.

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