Kiran Chandan

Kiran is an intuitive healer and a gifted Clairvoyant who has spent years learning and working with people on different levels. She creates a space of no judgement, allowing you to BE & receive you with warmth.
Her natural sensitivity, kindness and intuition has touched upon lives of many - her family, her friends and clients.
She practices various healing modalities like Tarot/Angel Oracle Reading, Feng Shui, Numerology, Transpersonal Regression, Access Bars & more.
Her talent to connect to the unseen forces through Mediumship has been a great boon for a lot of her clients. Her forte to work with different properties/spaces has brought a lot of ease to people.
The gift of working with people since 2004 has brought in greater finesse to her already existing natural potential as a healer.

Her work is thus contribution of such range of myriad colors of various modalities put together.
If you are keen to meet Kiran, do stop by @ our stand C05 to say Hi.
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