Jung Shim

Jung Shim is a complementary health centre in Milton, Brisbane.
We offer energy treatments which combine acupressure with vibrational healing for a powerful and unique experience. Acupressure, is like acupuncture but uses pressure on pressure points instead of needles.
We also offer energy classes that comprise meditation, chanting, breathing exercises and movements that are designed to stimulate a healthy circulation of Energy within your body.

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Special - SAVE 50%!

Treat yourself to up to 3 half price acupressure treatments with vibrational healing. Combining pressure point therapy with sound vibrations, this is a unique and powerful experience; and at just $45 is an opportunity not to be missed !

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  • Limit of 3 half price treatments per person • Purchase up to 10 additional as gifts • Half Price treatments must be purchased by 7th March, 2020. Half price treatments are valid until 30th April 2020. •This offer is subject to availability.