iCR8 Safety Group Pty Ltd

iCR8Safety’s creator and founder, Tina Fernandez, has more than 25 years’ corporate experience working at all levels including direct reporting lines to C-levels and boards. Coaching at life, business and executive levels has allowed Tina to consistently nurture and grow safe spaces across her diverse portfolio. In addition to her professional background, Tina has nearly 20 years’ experience in the mindfulness space having both studied and taught eastern philosophies and meditation and been part of ongoing personal development during this time.

Tina has always had a keen interest in how emotions work in our world and the important, practical role they play in our health and wellbeing. The unique, evidence-based programs she has created are designed to help individuals, families, teams, leaders and organisations to strengthen emotional intelligence and create safer spaces in their world. These programs come directly from Tina's life experiences and are backed by personal life stories.

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Special - Monthly Subscription Savings on Emotion Series Program Groups

MBS Festival Exclusive offer available for each of
The Emotion Series program groups (Initials, Specifics and Scenarios)
$39.96 monthly subscription per program group (normally $52.17 monthly per program)
$119.88 monthly subscription for all 3 programs (normally $156.51 monthly for all 3)

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