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My name is Judith Leona Corazon and I was born with a deep love of animals and I especially love connecting to them at an energetic or soul healing level. As an experienced Reiki practitioner I have developed a new Distance Healing modality for them entitled: "Sacred Animal Healing and Interspecies Soul Communication" (SAHISC) which I find even more powerful than a hands on healing session. It is a Reiki based method which incorporates several other healing practices including Tibetan Sound Healing. I find that animals respond to it very well and information channelled from their Higher Self during the healing is able to be emailed to their human guardian afterwards. The two hour SAHISC session usually costs $135 but I will be offering a special price of $85 ($50 off) for session dates booked and paid for during the festival. So please feel free to come up to the Heart Of Hearts Animal Healing stall E 11 and chat to me about your furry beloved! www.animalreikiheart.com.au

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Special - SAVE $50!

Offering a two hour Sacred Animal Healing And Interspecies Soul Communication session for your pet - normally valued at $135 - for $85!

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  • Special offer for these sessions which are booked at the festival and paid in full
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