Health Food Symmetry

Health Food Symmetry™ began its journey in March 2020 after the asset procurement of KFSU, with a goal to manufacture a new option of dietary fibre for the food industry from sugarcane. Why sugarcane ? It could be because sugarcane actually has a strong history of health benefits when the whole plant is considered and not just the sugar.

HFS’s manufacturing process produced functional prebiotic fibre that maintains the integrity of the phytonutrients in the source plant. The process is chemical-free and produced a product that was high in bio-actives as well as fibre.

Kfibre™ was tested in the market with several pharmacies in North Qld to prove Kfibre™ as a fibre supplement for general gut health management.

Consumer response returned such strong positive anecdotal health stories from customers that HFS realised the value and progressed to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Kfibre™ and now has long term University research partners (University of Tasmania & University of QLD) and there have been human clinical trials and scientific publications using HFS sugarcane fibre with more currently underway.

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