Happy Science Melbourne

Seeking to create a bright future where all people can live in harmony, regardless of race or religion. Our modern and universal teachings have a great and positive influence that reaches all areas of life and society. People from all backgrounds, cultures, professions and faiths, whether Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or others, have become attracted to our open movement and unique teachings – studying together in joy, harmony and deep-found respect. Happy Science can bring love, peace, happiness and prosperity to the world. At Happy Science, we have a vast collection of books and video lectures to study from. Local and worldwide seminars and events are regularly offered to teach us how to meditate, contemplate, receive inspiration and increase our enlightenment. A wave of happiness is already spreading all over the world. The purpose of Happy Science is to cultivate great people and to create an ideal world which we call ‘Utopia’.

We can't wait to be involved at the Melbourne MindBodySpirit Festival. Please feel free to come up and find out more about what we offer!

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