goodMix was born in 2012! I was a naturopath-mum working in a health food store, & I wanted to make the healthiest ‘super-cereal’ I could. It had to be quick & easy to prepare, & not taste too bad because I needed my kids (7 & 10 at the time) to be able to eat it and like it.

I wanted maximum digestibility & bioavailability of nutrients. I wanted real, natural, living food, with loads of vitality.

I settled on a mix of organic seeds, with some coconut, cacao, almonds, Goji berries & a few ancient grains for interesting taste & texture, & found that the mix was best soaked overnight to activate the dormant seeds.

Great feedback started coming in from customers with IBS & other gut issues so I took the product to the markets, started collecting testimonials. Then had testing done by Monash Uni & the CSIRO. We now know that Blend11 contains a 'good mix' of diverse, fermentable fibre, supports butyrate production & is well tolerated by sensitive tummies.

Please feel free to come up and ask any questions you may have at the Brisbane MindBodySpirit Festival!

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