Fivelements Collection

Fivelements Collection has been inspired by Ayurveda and its 5 elements. Ayurveda believes that the entire universe is composed of five elements: Vayu (Air), Jala (Water), Aakash (Space or ether), Prithvi (Earth) and Teja (Fire). It is believed you require all elements to live in perfect peace and harmony! Each product has been named in Sanskrit and has been designed to balance your body mind & soul thanks to its crystal and specific scents.

We are offering a range of body care products, homewares, scented car accessories and jewelry that includes, crystal infused candles, crystal-infused body oils, crystal-infused body mists, Himalayan salt aroma diffusers, car air fresheners, aroma pendants, star sign necklaces, essential oil/crystal necklaces, bath salts, triple butter soaps, essential oils, fragrance oils and more!

We are extremely proud of our products and our mission is to share that pride with you! Feel free to come and visit our stall at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival!

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