EQ Mind + Body Wellness Melbourne

Here at EQ Mind + Body Wellness, we aim to help individuals live the life they deserve.

We have in house practitioners that help Strengthen the mind through multiple therapeutic modlaties, relax the body through chiropractic work, Intergral Energetics + Reiki and understand who you are spiritually (multiple past life clearings and sacred geometry healing + emotionally with our Emotional Intelligence and motivation coach).

As a team we build up a plan to help you clear stress, negative energy, trauma, blockages and guide you to reach your desired dreams or goals.

Sydney will be the first place we launch our new organic tea range "Blends + Cleanse" and crystal gift boxes through our partners at "Crystal Space"

Stock is limited in Sydney as we are travelling from Melbourne!

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Special - Receive a free crystal from our crystal box!

With any tea purchase you can choose any crystal from our crystal box!

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