Empower Change Journal

We are Empower Change Journal. A self-coaching personal growth journal that combines 6 personal development phases to assist in moving past our mind's obstacles, allowing us to create a bountiful future, while we nourish our soul.

& Action all work together as our personal helpers in this journey of self exploration.

It includes:
✓27 Weeks of daily exercises
✓100 reflection questions
✓Over 50 motivational quotes
✓Visualisation exercises for creating state of optimal performance
✓Purpose and vision planning
✓Habit tracker
✓Space for dumping your negative beliefs & thoughts
✓Action planning breakdown
✓Extra space for note-keeping

Whether you want to move past your stuckness and gain back control over your life, stop saying “some day" to your goals and dreams and start saying "NOW", or simply explore your thoughts and emotions in a deeper level to reconnect with your inner self, this journal is for you.

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