Embrace Wellness Healing Centre

​Embrace Wellness Healing Centre is a 'heart' centred business that offers healing at the Mind, Body & Spirit level. Our Practitioners are the best the Coast has to offer. Our services include hypnotherapy, infrared sauna, massage, pain management, life coaching, breakthrough therapy, dietitian, workshops, energy healing, CBD oil clinic, naturopath, women’s circle & more!

We pride ourselves on our extraordinary oils. Every single oil that we produce is tried and tested for purity and strength to ensure our clients receive the highest quality. We have built a renowned reputation on the back of this. We are passionate about our business and that shows in the way communicate and engage with our clients. We engage in regular communication and consultation to ensure they are receiving the best products we can provide.

Time, testing and research go into each and every product before being released to the public. Every blend and product is thought out to create well-being and healing benefits. We have an amazing team of practitioners ensuring our client's needs are identified, addressed and treated with the utmost respect, ensuring a heart centred experience for those seeking to Embrace Wellness.

We hope to see you at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival!

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