Elizabeth Bratcher - Soulful Creations

Soulful Creations is a mother, daughter duo not to be missed!

Elizabeth Bratcher is an experienced Psychic Medium who connects to the spirit as well as offering accurate and insightful readings. Elizabeth is joined by Linda Milne an excellent Psychic Medium in her own right.

Elizabeth believes that connecting with the spirits is a special honour and experience and loves to share her passion and ability with others. She works within facts and accuracy in order to help you connect and evolve your life to feature joy, prosperity and positivity. She seeks to present solutions to pave the way to your future desires. Elizabeth offers, psychic mediumship readings, trans healing & reiki treatments
meditation, workshops, spiritual gatherings, past life regression therapy & hypnotherapy
one on one psychic and mediumship & spiritual training

Make sure to come and visit this mother/daughter duo at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival!

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