ELIA Wellness

Want to find out where you are at with your health and speak with a health professional on how to improve your health? Visit the ELIA Wellness booth to check out your health score. Having a health body, improves your emotional health and takes you on a greater journey in life, especially in searching for meaning and purpose. ELIA Wellness educates the community on whole-person health because we care. We want to help to improve your health and feel the joy of fulfilling your purpose in life. We partner with expert health professionals to provide evidence-based information through articles, videos, programs, plans and more. We help people manage and prevent disease through whole-person health. We promote whole-person health through the 7 Dimensions of Wellness to become healthier and happier. ELIA Wellness partners with Sydney Adventist Health in the health screening because we care. Health body and healthy mind promotes a healthy spirit.

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