Elemental Formations

We create high-end, high-energy, elegant, organic, functional works of art. The scope of our artistry encompasses all Elemental Formations, allowing us freedom of creation and endless inspiration from the natural elements around us. Elemental Formations have created a signature range of Crystal Lamps with the intention of generating and balancing Chi through scientific principles - the piezoelectric effect of Quartz Crystals, and the ability of light to transmit frequency. By putting the crystals under perpetual pressure with the use of warm and cool LED lighting, we are producing small amounts of Chi, expanding the vibrational field of the crystals as far as the light will travel. We are undertaking ongoing research on how our lamps affect frequency, so we do not make any claims as to how our pieces will specifically impact the body. Come and visit Elemental Formations at the Sydney Autumn Mind Body Spirit Festival

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