Divine Soul Energies

My name is Diamante & I started this business in 2019, at first it was my way of processing my grief after the loss of both parents.
I didn’t know that this passion would grow into a business that would help others find healing tools for there loss or tools for the home and business across Australia.
I now know that my intuitive visions and dreams are all for the greater good of healing and helping others.
My tools include:
Healing wands
Smudge wands
Wind chimes
Sun catchers
Departed soul stands which also function as Oracle and tarot stand holders
Cleansing tools & herbs
Journaling Pens
All co creations are cleansed and I use mothers earths best materials
Feather’s and lots more

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Cleansing Kit
1X Med sage
1X Abalone shell
1X feather wand
1X Selenite Tower
1X Sand Jar
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  • Limited Quanitys per day and only 1 per customer