Custom Feet Orthotic Insoles

Custom Feet Orthotic Insoles provide our heat mouldable custom orthotic insoles to podiatrists across Australia.
At the show, we bring PODIATRISTS on site to assess each person and mould Custom Feet Orthotic Insoles for those who need them.
As podiatry is part of the extras cover on Private Health Insurance, we offer this service gap FREE to those with private health insurance coverage - that means NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE.
Our orthotics are great for Plantar Fasciitis, Knee Pain and Lower Back Pain. They are also moulded individually to you to optimise your biomechanics and align your feet, ankles, knees and hips. This can help reduce issues in the future.
So come and see us for your FREE Custom Feet Orthotics and walk away feeling great.

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Special - Gap FREE for Private Health Funds!

Our Orthotics are Custom moulded to you by Podiatrists gap Free. This service usually costs $650 in their clinics. Here we waive the gap for Private Health Insurance customers - NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE

Special ends



  • Must have Podiatry & Orthotics on your Extras Cover - we can check this at the show.