Clover Fields

Established in 1983, Clover Fields was the first Australian soap manufacturer to move away from tallow-based soaps and create products with unbeatable longevity. You’re probably familiar with their oldest soap range, Nature’s Gifts, which has over 25 scents and is a popular household staple.

In 2018, Clover Fields embarked on an exciting new journey creating an Eco-friendly and plastic-free range known as ‘Shampoo With A Purpose’ (SWAP). The brand revolutionized hair care for thousands of Australians through its iconic Shampoo Bars. Each Shampoo Bar equals up to SIX bottles of regular shampoo and conditioner. Since its inception, SWAP has saved over 2 million plastic bottles from being discarded into landfill!

The success of SWAP has shifted Clover Fields to develop products that are conscious of the environment (this is, after all, the only one we have). Both companies have found their place in the Australian market and their products are loved worldwide.

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