Centre for Adult Education (CAE)

CAE is a leading provider of adult and community education in Victoria. It has a strong focus on delivering pre-accredited programs, senior secondary school curriculum, nationally recognised and accredited training as well as non-accredited short courses. Through these services and programs, we connect with the community through socially inclusive practices that recognise diversity and creativity.
The Victorian Government provides funds for specialised programs at CAE via the Adult, Community and Education Board for the delivery of programs for people over compulsory school age, young people, older people, people with special needs, and people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a special focus on people who have had limited access to education.
CAE offers a range of short courses with a strong focus in arts, languages, adult education including VCE, and book groups. Popular short courses include jewellery making, sewing and pattern making, art courses such as painting, drawing and sculpting, ceramics and writing. The most popular languages are Korean, French, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish.

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