Bright's Natural Beeswax

Bright s Natural Beeswax takes pride in producing a small range of hand crafted 100% Australian made products. We are a locally owned and operated company, based on the Gold Coast.

We manufacture (by hand) boutique style natural beeswax based products. We have three products.

Made from Beeswax, jojoba and natural vegetable oils. chemical free.
Brights Moisturising Kream. A natural moisturiser for common skin complaints. Cracked heels,elbows, dry itchy skin.
Brights Lip Balm.

Brights Leather and Wood balm. conditions, rejuvenates & waterproofs when applied to leather, vinyl and wood.

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Purchase of the three products Bright's natural moisturising cream, Bright's lip balm and Bright's all purpose leather and wood balms.

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  • Purchase at MBS Festival
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