Brett & Natasha Psychic Medium

Brett Barry - psychic, medium, holistic coach

Brett Barry is a Queensland based psychic, medium and holistic coach. Brett has been reading for the past nine years and at the age of thirteen he realised he had a gift which would lead him on a journey where he would start touching lives of the world as he became a light worker.

Brett is a professional member of the International Psychics Association.

When booking a reading with Brett you will experience how a Psychic Intuitive and Medium works. Brett's connection to spirit is strong and concentrates on bringing spirit people through from the ancestral family tree. Brett's accuracy has been reviewed and his past, present, future readings are spot on.

Natasha Emily - Medium

Natasha Emily is a Gifted Spiritual Medium from the UK. Evidential Mediumship is what she loves. Natasha is passionate about how spirits messages can assist in our journey for the ones that are still living. That our passed loved ones may speak again letting us know that life lives on and the time for a reunion awaits. In turn nothing is by mistake and we must live this precious life ,for ourselves, for them and for the bigger plan.

Natasha specialises in one on one readings and platform shows.

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