Bergamot Australia

We are a Melbourne-based company specializing in Bergamot products. We source the very highest quality Bergamot products directly from growers and producers located on the Ionian Coast of Calabria where Bergamot trees flourish. Our Bergamot products encapsulate the essence of Reggio Calabria!

We regularly visit these growers and producers in Southern Italy to learn more about the Bergamot fruit that has been organically farmed there for over four generations. Our commitment to everyone seeking to improve their health is to provide full information about the many health benefits of the Bergamot fruit.

Our Original Bergamot Juice is made from organically grown 100% bergamot (citrus bergamia) juice, which is squeezed, bottled and pasteurized without anything added. It's bottled at the source in Calabria and then pasteurized to keep it as fresh as the day the fruit was picked. Pure, organic Calabrian Bergamot Juice has unique polyphenols that may help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and assist in improving the LDL:HDL cholesterol ratio in healthy individuals. It may also help to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Our products are unique to the Australian market and are imported exclusively through Bergamot Australia.

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