Benvest Lifestyle Services

We can help you make your life better!
We don’t prescribe medication or offer the services of psychiatrists. What we do offer are qualified and experienced people who can provide counselling and offer you good advice. We also conduct group sessions which can help you to develop important life skills and to realize that you are not alone and that enable you to benefit from the experience of others in similar situations as yourself.
Interacting in person with others is what makes us human. So, we conduct regular meetups where like-minded people can relax and enjoy leisure activities and meet new people in a non-threatening environment.
Self-help is a really important part of maintaining wellness.
My Complete Diary – Five Aspects of Living, published by our Director of Lifestyle Services, Chrystal Benson RN, is a self-directed tool that encourages anyone to develop insight into how health issues impact their lives and then readjust behaviours, habits, and patterns to improve well-being.

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