AT Hemp

AT Hemp is a small company owned by two sisters, Tina and Angie, who were searching for an alternative way of treating common health complaints in a natural, chemical-free way. After a lot of trials and research we have come up with a basic range of products to help with issues such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Tinea, Joint pain, Muscular pain, Haemorrhoids, Chapped lips, Cold Sores, Chaffing, anxiety, and Stress & others. We also developed a night serum, a combination of 10 different oils, & found that it has fabulous anti-aging & healing properties. All ingredients are 100% Australian.

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Limited edition numbered and engraved boxsets, containing 10 balms, a 30ml Rejuve Face Serum and a 15ml FOH lip balm.

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