Anandalite Creations

Anandalite Creations has created the world’s first Floating Crystal Healing System. Our crystal healing system works by floating on a surface of water, perfect for a relaxing bath. The crystals then direct energy to chakras amplifying healing properties. Whilst perfect for the bath the range of different crystal systems is able to be used within the office, reiki, yoga, or other living spaces. We offer a range of different bundles including but not limited to the pure love bundle, the loving protector, heart connections bundle, the optimist bundle, spiritual love, and healing bundle, manifesting desires bundle, vitality and abundance bundle, and spiritual awakening bundle. Each product offers a different element for specific spiritual and healing properties.

All our products are quality and handcrafted with natural and rough crystals. If you are looking for a mindfulness and meditation aide to enhance your spiritual journey then be sure to come and visit us at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival.

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