We are re-inventing bath, skin, & beauty products to be truly luxurious. Our aim is to transform the simple but vitally important daily activity of washing & bathing from "routine" to "celebration".

We give you a means of properly celebrating your own beauty & the beauty that is all around us when we look for it. We give you a means of celebrating the most beautiful of luxury ingredients that are now truly at your fingertips. And to celebrate the "me-time" that a simple act of washing and bathing gives you - an opportunity to reflect or dream or to celebrate life itself.

We incorporate into our products the finest ingredients from around the world that are then handcrafted in Australia. Gold, finely crushed diamonds & rubies & pearls feature, as do the finest oils such as frankincense, sandalwood, acai, & silk amino acids. We then add more touches of luxury with champagne or caviar or goat or donkey milk and roses so that you can bathe as Cleopatra bathed.

Because you're beautiful.

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