LifeStart Naturopathics Fem21

Hormonal imbalances? Liver or digestive issues? Needing to alkalise or would like more antioxidants? Are you feeling the affects of stress on your body or adrenals/energy are out of balance? The solution is Fem21 an all natural herbal formula designed specific for women. Fem21 contains 21 plant based superfood, natural ingredients.

This effective yet gentle formula supports women’s health generally throughout a variety of ages & stages of life. Fem21 “points the body in the right direction” to regain balance, health & vitality. Fem21 is $54.95 for 300g which lasts about 4-5 weeks.

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Save 21% off the RRP for the MBS festival weekend special price is $43.40 for 1 month supply. Discount also applies online on the 21st every month.

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