Brisbane New Products

See whats new for 2017 in organic health, spiritual guidance, books, accessories and more at the Brisbane Festival! Indulge yourself or share the love and gift some goodness!

Healing Bracelets

Created using the finest natural gemstones of the earth (including Ruby, Dragon Agate and Fluotire), these stunning stones enhance qualities of energy, balance, love and healing.

Available in a magnificent array of styles, colours and energies, you will find just what you need!

Stand C32

Neo Pure Copper Bottle

According to Ayurveda, Copper Bottles have amazing health benefits. Drinking out of copper vessels can help reduce inflammation, aids liver and spleen function, helps improves digestion, has anti-ageing properties, stimulates the brain and boosts your immune system.

Neo Australia
Stand G36

Aroma Jewel

Lively Living are proud to introduce their new Glass Ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffuser the Aroma-Jewel! Each outer cover, is lovingly hand crafted using tones of turquoise, golds and browns and with colour changing lights, resembles treasured Jewel.

Lively Living
Stand E59

Hanging Mini Diffusers

Freshen up your car, wardrobe, bathroom or bedroom with our gorgeous hanging mini diffusers.

Available in 10 fragrances in silver, rose gold or gold and last approximately 3 months.

Livinia Naturals
Stand B40

Meditation Dojo Mobile App

The claim of Meditation Dojo is that Meditation and Mindfulness is a SKILL and art that anyone can learn through consistent practice,  just as one learns how to ride a bike, play a musical instrument, drive a car, or hit a tennis ball. Just as it’s possible to train your body to get fitter and stronger in the gym; it’s equally possible to TRAIN THE MIND to be happier, healthier and more creative.

Meditation Dojo
Stand F17

Prodigy 5

You’re only as healthy as what you absorb! Get 2000% more!

With its scientifically proven technology Prodigy-5 is an all-in-one nutrition with nearly 100% bio-availability. Enjoy better health & more energy thanks to Phytoplankton, Curcumin, Antioxidants, Vitamins & Green Tea.

Joya Australia
Stand E14

Turmeric Tonic Tea Infusion

Neo Turmeric Tonic Tea is a zesty herbal tea made with Turmeric, citrus, lemongrass, sunflower blossoms strawberry. This ayurvedic infusion helps heal your body – any pain from arthritis, muscular or general aches are relieved by turmeric.

Neo Australia
Stand G36

Use Your Wings Tank

Since joining forces to support the Hope Foundation, a charity in India helping children out of poverty, Use Your Wings has become the Free Spirit mantra.  For every Free Spirit T-shirt sold, a child is provided with educational materials to go to school – to learn, to grow and to use their wings.

Free Spirit
Stand C62

Nerium Night and Day Creams

The purity of nature combined with the progressiveness of science. Powered to work in 3 ways; Addressing the signs of ageing, providing antioxidants and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

A real marriage alliance between skin and care.

Nerium Australia
Stand C34

MIND LIES – And The Truths That Will Set You Free

You are not who you think you are.

From the Co-Founder of Universal Intelligence comes a profound and engaging exposè of your mind. A life changing new book by Daniel Recnhitzer.

Universal Intelligence
Stand G49

iMRS Omnium1 PEMF system

Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) system offers a broad spectrum of benefits to human health, with increased energy and vitality, improved sleep, less stress, reduced pain and overall a greater enjoyment in life. A Swiss engineered and designed system.

Eastbay Wellness
Stand G48

Manifesting Crystal Mists

The Manifesting Crystal Mist range is made of 100% pure essential oils infused with healing energy crystals and Reiki energy healing. Each bottle has a personal affirmation for setting clear intentions and are all eco-friendly.

They can be used for blockages and protection, balancing and clarity, opening the heart, abundance and prosperity and empowerment.

Positive Beginnings by Melissa
Stand A35

Pendulum Board & Crystal Set

6 mini boards aimed at different areas of your life (love, money, fate, happiness, life, marriage) plus a crystal pendulum and instructions.

Crystal Box
Stand H31


Original oil painting and limited edition fine art reproductions from Cheryl’s latest work.

‘Grace’, she reminds us to honour ourselves in all that we do, and to open our hearts to new ways of being.

Cheryl Hart
Stand E54

Magnesium Cream

The world’s only all natural and organic magnesium chloride cream – is packed full of nutrition the skin just loves. It is designed for those with medium to dry skin type and offers a luxurious creamy texture for skin barrier protection and hydration. It can be used as an all-over anti-ageing moisturiser, face cream, underarm deodorant, anti-itch cream, after-sun recovery cream and massage cream.

Elektra Magnesium
Stand C25


Brows can detract from or enhance your wedding day makeup.

Brow perfecting effects are achieved using “Perfectabrow” creating amazing balance to uneven, over tweezed and unruly brows!

Stand A33


Brain support Flower essence

Brain Support is a flower essence made from the Silky Oak or Grevillea robusta flower and infused with AreekeerA™ vibration and selenite vibration. It helps with mental clarity, concentration, emotional well-being, strengthens memory and rejuvenates the brain’s neural pathways.


Stand A19